get involved

How to be involved in this great work...
  • Pray! Ask God to show you what your part is in supporting His Vision for Bijoy Ministries.
  • Obey! Believe what God tells you and choose to obey His voice.
  • Give! With joy, give sacrificially of your time, resources, and your
    finances to the work of the Lord at Bijoy.

How can I give? Every gift makes a difference and God calls us all to equal sacrifice. Here’s how you can give:

  • Initial cash gift: Ask God for creative ways to give an initial gift! Consider giving from your savings, etc. Also, consider reducing your expenses or postponing a major purchase as a sacrifice to God.
  • 3-years commitment: Pray about what you and your family can give, over and above your tithe, for the next three years. Your weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly gifts accrued over time, often result in a larger gift than you thought possible.


your gift can change a child's life !


We take each of your donations seriously. Thanks for being with us on this journey.