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tool making

Developing life-changing tools to transform and
make disciples of today’s generation.


We provide school supplies & fees for impoverished students


Igniting your marriage and parenting to build your home on the Rock!


Fueling teenagers to live and lead like Jesus


Bringing the Gospel to the whole community by reaching the marginalized Children in Love

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upcoming events

Kids' Ministry worker's training

Jan 29

Nettritto Shekha

Feb 15-17

Family Seminar

April 11-12

Outreach (Aji sedin)

Dhaka, Chittagong, Dinajpur

December 16,17,18,19

Latest Activities

Gift Box distribution, Mirpur
Summer Camp with BBCF
Former Student Reunion, Chattogram
Children's Ministry Leadership Training, Dhaka
Children's Ministry Training, Dhaka
Christmas Rally, Fulbari
Nettritto Shekha Camp At CampBijoy,
Family Seminar at CAMP BIJOY
7up Live
Online teachers training
Family Seminar LAMB Bangladesh
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the future CENTER PLAN

Imagine a place where prayers are answered and dreams take shape. Our beautiful property, once a kindergarten school, now stands as a testament to God’s grace and provision. Nestled within its L-shaped building are a meeting room and three classrooms, patiently awaiting their next chapter.

Spanning 33 decimals (approximately 14,374.8 sq ft), our property is a canvas for inspiration. And with an additional 100 decimals (about 43,555 square feet) of adjacent land secured, the horizon expands with endless possibilities.

Our plan is to construct a beacon of hope—a 200-seat multipurpose, five-story building. This haven will not only provide sanctuary but also serve as a home for girls, where the love of Christ will radiate throughout the region.
But dreams are not built alone. We need you. Whether you connect us with a church, trust, or compassionate soul, your donation will weave the threads of this vision into reality.

Join us as we embark on this sacred endeavor, building the Future Center together. Every contribution, no matter how small, carries the power to transform lives. Together, let’s ignite change and spread love far and wide.

At Bijoy Ministries, we're dedicated to providing training to churches and groups of any size, wherever they may be and no matter their denomination. Our focus? Teachers are being prepared to share the gospel with children and teenagers who have never heard it before, as well as to encourage them to walk closely with Jesus at all times.
But that is not all. We also teach teachers how to use visual aids in a systematic manner during weekly meetings, making their teaching even more effective. Whether you live in a big city or a small village, we are here to help you make a big difference.


your gift can change a child's life !


We take each of your donations seriously. Thanks for being with us on this journey.