Igniting your marriage and parenting to build your home on the Rock!

After many years of working with children and teenagers, Nayomi and Francis Kisor realized that everyone is curious about their origins, such as whether God exists, who God is, and what the purpose of my life is. However, only those who study the Bible can provide an answer to the ultimate question of where and why humanity began. Children, surely, need to learn about God’s will and purpose for man. Today’s children and teenagers have questions that they may seek answers to from friends or the Internet, but it is the primary responsibility of the parent to nurture the children. Most parents nowadays are concerned about their child’s physical and intellectual development. As a result, the children have spiritual problems.

One of the church’s responsibilities is to provide parents with training and tools to help their children live according to God’s unchanging word in this changing world. As a result, children could really know, understand, and experience Jesus in their own homes.

Parenting is a Ministry. Sadly, most parents today are confused. To assist parents, we have developed a variety of training/workshops and curricula. More than 500 couples have already been trained by us. Its primary goal is to “Raise children in the Biblical values and strengthen marriage in God’s way.”

A couple had the opinion that,

“If we had learned this lesson 20 years ago, we could have made our marriage more beautiful today, but from today we want to start in a new way to make the next years more enjoyable and meaningful.”

Our courses are called ‘Transforming Parenting’ and ‘Intentional Marriage.’ We are taking this training/seminar to rural churches where first-generation Christians are the most. They are almost empty about the Biblical perspective of Marriage and Parenting. Our focus is to ignite marriage and parenting to build the house on the ROCK!

We would appreciate your prayers and financial support to assist newly converted Christians who are unaware of the Biblical value of Christian marriage and parenting in rural churches and communities.

What is Bayit243?

The Hebrew word (שְׁלוֹם בַּיִת) Shalom Bayit (Shlom Bayit) means ‘Peace or harmony in the home’ is the traditional Jewish key concept of Jewish marriage also refers to the domestic harmony and good relations between husband and wife. In a Jewish court of law, shalom bayit is the Hebrew term for marital reconciliation. It also refers to any practice or behavior likely to promote those ends. 243 stands for ‘We Love You’ which is parents declaring their to descending that they really care, also refer to the book of Proverbs 24:3 ‘Use wisdom and understanding to establish your home.. .’ CEV


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“We had never heard that the Christian marriage relationship is so deep and dignified before. This will undoubtedly have a significant impact in our marriage.”

Simon and Naomi