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Scavenging for food

The Beginning

One day in 2003, Francis and Nayomi were walking on the main street in Mirpur, Dhaka and found children scavenging food to eat from a dumpster. They felt burdened to do something for them. During the Christmas season, they discussed their burden with some of their friends and asked them to give the cost of a meal to those children. Finally, they were able to organize a party for those destitute children & provided them with good solid food as well as a remarkable fellowship with fun and gifts.

Over the time since its inception their vision has grown……and now around 600 destitute children attend their biweekly service called ‘Happy Birds Assembly.’ Happy Birds Assembly is a non-formal education on rights and moral values with fun activities, puppet shows, drama, choreography, art, and crafting, etc. 

Bijoy Ministries tries endeavoring awareness good parenting and also about the activity for marginalized children among the community and also providing health care and educational awareness activities providing school supplies and health and hygiene materials through different programs. 

Bijoy also encouraging and equipping young students of college and universities to see the potential and urgency to take the necessary action for the children as a volunteer to prevent the future human crisis through their Youth Engagement program.  We want to see children of every marginalized community have found their purpose enjoy their rights and live with dignity, so they may be the positive influence in their own family, community, and their world in Bangladesh.

A burning vision

We see every child's life will be...


our Mission is simple

Reaching now Generation, Equipping Leaders and Parents and Making Tools.

Director’s Message

What awful days those were for everyone! Nobody even knew what would occur in the coming days. Nevertheless, God is still good! He always does well! God gave my wife, Nayomi, a verse earlier last year.

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen and help you and uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isiah 41:10

All the house doors had placards that read, “God is in control,” put up by her. The global pandemic began shortly after that and has since taken a horrible turn.

At that moment, God gave me a Bible verse

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, ….Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4: 6-7.

Ministry leaders have worked hard to make plans even after many rural churches were closed. We have increased our reach in new areas of ministry, concentrating on reaching and discipling teenagers in rural churches with scarce resources. Over the last two years, more than 300 ministry leaders and teachers from around Bangladesh and West Bengal (India) have participated in our online (webinar) training. The engagement of individuals from rural communities has been one of the training’s most unexpected aspects. Because they didn’t even have cell phone coverage, several ministry leaders had to travel to places with good internet connections to participate. (Please view the image

Additionally, after the COVID restriction was lifted, we began to gather people to help them get ready to implement the Life Changers curriculum in their churches, which had been forced to close their Sunday schools for nearly two years as a result of COVID.

These ministry leaders are enthusiastic about starting their ministry activities with the kids in their churches and community once COVID is shrinking because they are dedicated to helping kids and teens grow in Christ.

A well-trained teacher has an even more significant impact on the children they teach, even while effective resources can assist a teacher in recognizing God’s transforming activity in the lives of their students. Ministry leaders can learn efficient teaching techniques and gain a greater understanding of young people’s spiritual development through the CMTI training program, available across Bangladesh and some areas of West Bengal.

Our camp ministry has expanded significantly, and many institutions and congregations now hire our camp teams to manage VBS and summer camps for their young members.

We praise God that He has given us a clear vision to purchase a plot of land to relocate our ministry center because we are now renting an apartment, and the rent and other expenditures are increasing daily. Therefore, renting for a long time rather than purchasing or building our facility is not wise.

How wonderful our God is! We only see his goodness as we look back. The feeling of gratitude is a result of seeing kindness. For that, David says

“show me a sign of Your goodness…,” Psalm 86:17

There are so many things to be grateful for, and we pray that as you read this site, you will be encouraged and encouraged to join us in thanking the Lord for everything He has done in and through us.

Our Financial policy

Bijoy Ministries is an indigenous Christian organization committed to reaching children with the love of Christ and enhancing the quality of life in every form. No official organization or church regularly supports Bijoy, but individuals and churches share the same interest. Bijoy believes that God will provide for its needs through gifts/grants from His faithful people and partnerships with churches and similar organizations for various programs/projects.


your gift can change a child's life !


We take each of your donations seriously. Thanks for being with us on this journey.