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Even as we accelerate different activities across the country through, our printed Sunday school curriculum and training for the workers, which serves children and teens in many churches. Our training programs are available in a variety of editions for various age groups, cultures, and circumstances to reach children & teenagers for Jesus.

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Christmas Outreach Rally

Christmas rally is our main outreach event for children and teens of limited access communities. Which began in 2003 with only 120 children, and gradually increases to about 2,000 children in one rally at a time. Then, we divide it into multiple services. Later, these activities increased and spread to different parts of Bangladesh through different churches. Thousands of children and teenagers have accepted Jesus through these rallies over the years.

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Reaching children and teens through different specialized holiday camping.  Some camping is totally rural-based, and some are urban church setups. We also offer online camping to reach and teach children.


After School Program

We have been serving the neighboring un-churched community children through our weekly activities called DIP (Light). The primary aim of this program is to communicate the love of our heavenly father to them as they are mostly from broken homes, suffering from poverty, domestic and community violence, sexually and physically abused, even a lack of opportunity for an education. We provide hygiene materials, and emergency food bags, along with the school fees and supplies.


Teen Fuel  CAMP

The COVID issue has taught us a lot. When the children of the church were forced to remain at home for months at a time while the regular activities of the churches were badly disrupted, God started to speak to our hearts about using online platforms to reach teenagers. After a few programs, when COVID restrictions were released, God inspired us to provide a brand-new module to rural churches where ministry resources are scarce, but opportunities are numerous. In order for teenagers to understand and experience God’s love, we are providing a Teen Fuel camp and a daily devotional tool.

Equipping Leadders (CMTI)


Advanced Course

CMTI(Children Ministries Training Institute) advance course is an intensive residential training to equip children’s ministry trainers of different churches with the aim to develop Children’s ministry trainers with life-changing resources according to their context to make and teach disciples in the most under-resourced areas in Bangladesh.


Basic traning

To equip ministry leaders to understand the significance of reaching children and how to teach and make disciples of today’s children in their churches and communities in effective and engaging ways, we are offering live training sessions as well as online training.


Learning to Lead, Dhaka

Nettrito Shekha

A Servant Leadership Camp for young adults, which will help them become God’s leaders by identifying leadership qualities in their own lives and cultures.


Igniting Marriage & PareNting(BAYIT243)


Intentional Marriage

According to the biblical definition of marriage, it is a God-given, consensual, sexual, and open social union between a man and a woman from separate households that is done to serve God. God created marriage first in the hierarchy of creation and provided it as an unchangeable cornerstone for human life, but in various settings in Bangladesh, marriage is so ambiguous. The biblical foundations of Christian marriage and communication are covered in several of our courses. For young adults who are single, we also provide a premarital course.


Transformational Parenting

Our parenting training and seminars have helped a lot of families for a long time. We mainly provide parents with a variety of courses with plenty of hands-on experiences to help them raise a God-fearing generation in a strong non-Christian society.

Tool Making

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Curriculam of Life Changers new ad 1

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