setting NowGeneration free forever through camping

A camp is full of learning, growth, fun, friendships, great memories, and new ways to know the Lord. One of our most essential components is a camp for children in rural churches across the country, where children come from various circumstances. Many church leaders are eager to reach children but often lack the necessary tools and training. They struggle to communicate God’s love to those impoverished, have shattered homes, are victims of family or community violence, are victims of sexual and physical abuse, or are illiterate. We offer our camps with life-changing resources in the most under-resourced areas.

We offer different types of camps:

Portable Camps

We go to where the children and their families are and use the facilities at the local church or in nearby open spaces for camping.These camps are typically three days long. We go to church once with the same theme and then return with different themes in the following years. Camps are held all year in several locations.

Children at camp:

Get to know and grow in Christ,

Discover and develop godly character and values,  

Find more joys in nature than technology or poverty,

Have fun!

Trauma Healing Camp

Many urban children originate from low-income families and live in overcrowded slums. Some children’s families are broken; single mothers raise others. Many churches also struggle to communicate God’s love to impoverished people, who have broken homes, are victims of domestic or community violence, or have been sexually or physically abused. We provide this three-day camp to children and teenagers who need to know and experience God’s love and be healed through Jesus.

At camp, the following topics are covered:

   -If God loves us, why do we suffer?

   -What is a wound of the heart?

   -What can help our heart wounds heal?

   -What happens when someone is grieving?

   -Bringing our pain to the cross

   -How can we forgive others?

   -Moral injury

TeenFuel Camp

Teenage is the most challenging age. As they take wrong decisions at this age, on the other hand, if given the proper guidance, they can continue the path of life. Most churches in Bangladesh do not have specific activities for this age group. The aim of this camp is to provide fuel for teenagers to live and lead like Jesus in every community in Bangladesh!

Teenfuel helps young people grow in spiritual formation and character development. It has been working in various regions of Bangladesh, intending to empower and equip today’s generation, so they may witness today’s generation by living for Christ.

Children at camp,
   • Get to know and grow in Christ,
   • Experience solid Christian role models,
   • Develop godly character and values,
   • Discover new friends with similar foundational beliefs,
   • Life skills preparation training for the daily issues teens confront, such as:
        – Decision-making
        – Problem-solving
        – Interpersonal Relationship Development
        – Self-awareness
        – Emotional Coping – and more.

Nettritto Shekha (Learning to Lead) Camp

under construction 

More about camps

We offer a variety of physical activities and hands-on workshops, as well as life-changing lessons relevant to their context, to help them grow physically, cognitively, emotionally, and spiritually. Many of our campers are from low-income families, and attending a camp offers them an opportunity to hear God’s Word, to be encouraged as they are (particularly girls), and to feel loved to order to gain instruction and benefits that they would not receive at home,
such as:  
– every day, three square free meals and snacks, 
– as a gift, hygiene products and school supplies,
– life skills preparation training for the daily issues teens confront, etc.


Please help us invite more children to camp, allowing a kid
to experience Christ's love due to your generosity.

Our passion is to reach children with God’s Word and lead them into a personal 
relationship with Jesus.


your gift can change a child's life !


We take each of your donations seriously. Thanks for being with us on this journey.

‘Thank you, Jesus, for your love for me. I am delighted to know that you live in me to protect me from all evil.’