Our story

The past and the future...


why is it needed, and why NOW?

We would gather at a nearby school serving over 500 children and teenagers for our primary services. That temporary meeting place was assured to be accessible to us on a weekly basis. During the COVID-19 crisis, we were unable to use the facilities for more than two years and had no place to gather in person. Sadly, we have lost touch with the majority of children and teenagers. We are having difficulty using the facility due to a rental policy change. We are now running small groups of teens providing online services for children and seeking a place to resume our leading service. We hope to find another rental property but are ready for a permanent residence.

On the other hand, our main daily ministry operations take place in a tiny 70 m2 (750 ft) leased flat in Dhaka, where we face various hurdles and problems. At the same time, we plan activities for a group of people/children from nearby areas, and there is no room for outdoor activities.

No other convenient space are available in Mirpur to rent/lease for our size or demands without putting us under strain from the surrounding neighborhood. We are expanding and presently carrying out meaningful ministries in various methods. Our training ministry, curriculum development, after-school programs, discipleship seminars, children and teens camping, and other expanding ministries all require space, some of which are required throughout the week.

We desire to continue diligently ministering and increasing our work in our town and countrywide. A building of our own will allow us to host and deliver quality required ministries on a daily basis.

We aim to be more responsible stewards of our resources. Paying rent on a monthly basis when we have no equity is not a good idea. Paying for a structure that we own and can use 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is both necessary and prudent. We believe that in order to be the finest stewards of God’s resources as well as the current time and conditions. All those circumstances led us to a permanent home…

“To REACH MARGINALIZED CHILDREN AND TEENAGERS, camping, after-school activities, outreaches, and other ‘church-fit’ approaches are used. PROVIDE TOOLS (materials, ideas, and curriculum) appropriate for their context and culture to reach and teach disciples.
Parents and others involved in it provide PRACTICAL TRAINING with life-changing materials.”

Imagine with us . . . a permanent home for Bijoy,
a generous space at the center of this COMMUNITY.
Where marginalized families can GATHER to enhance. Where marriages will be RENEWED,
Where parents and hurting will find grace and HOPE,
Leaders will be EQUIPPED with the right tools… and Where life-long authentic MEMORIES will begin.
Where the GOSPEL will be lived-out in LOVE,         and so on…

Camp Bijoy

          …Center Plans

God has given a old kindergarten school building as the answer of our prayers. It’s more than simply a building, with an L-shaped structure that houses a meeting area and three classrooms.
This land measures 33 decimals (about 14,374.8 square feet), providing ample room for several ministries. We’ve also secured an extra 100 decimals (about 43,555 square feet) of nearby land through a leasing mechanism for outdoor activities and dormitories.
Our objective is to begin construction of a safe house for rescued teen-girls as soon as possible, followed by a five-story facility with a 200-seat hall. This refuge will be a source of hope, particularly for girls in need, underprivilaged families, and a house of prayer to spread the Good News in love throughout our region.
However, we cannot accomplish it alone. We need your help. Whether you’re a church, trust, or individual with a compassionate heart, your contribution will make this goal a reality.
Join us as we build the future together. Every gift, no matter how tiny, counts. Let’s make a difference together.


PHASE 1 (2023-2025) Land and Multi-purpose Building

  • Buy a piece of land/property near Dhaka.
  • Build a Multi-Purpose building with 200 seating capacity for meeting children/bible studies/community gatherings and training.
  • Outdoor playground
  • Adequate restrooms (5M/5F)
  • Two stored hostel cum office buildings with five stored foundations for boarding (campers/participants will stay during the event), staff offices, kitchen, dining hall etc.

PHASE 2 (2025-2027)

  • As soon as possible – Another medium size space outside for meetings/gatherings/community groups etc.
  • Extend another three floors top on the hostel and office building.
  • Develop an audio-visual studio.

PHASE 3(2027-2030)

  • Build a dedicated Children’s Space.
  • Refurbish Multipurpose building for 300 seat capacity by 2030.
  • Build a rooftop hall on the hostel building for big meetings.

What is the estimated cost?

PHASE 1 (2023-2025)

  • Land = BDT 7,000,000 (USD 64080)
  • Boundary wall, rooms Repair, Restrooms, Parking Shade  and land renovation =BDT 4,000,000(USD 36617)
  • Multipurpose Building = BDT 3,500,000 (USD37108.83)
  • Hostel cum office Building: BDT 25,000,000 (USD 265064)
  • Total Project: BDT 39,500,000 (USD 402,870.37)


  • Pray! Ask God to show you what your part is in supporting His Vision for Bijoy Ministries.
  • Obey! Believe what God tells you and choose to obey His voice.
  • Give! With joy, give sacrificially of your time, resources, and your
    finances to the work of the Lord at Bijoy.

How can I give? Every gift makes a difference and God calls us all to equal sacrifice. Here’s how you can give:

  • Initial cash gift: Ask God for creative ways to give an initial gift! Consider giving from your savings, etc. Also, consider reducing your expenses or postponing a major purchase as a sacrifice to God.
  • 3-years commitment: Pray about what you and your family can give, over and above your tithe, for the next three years. Your weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly gifts accrued over time, often result in a larger gift than you thought possible.


We found a beautiful property with an L-shaped building on it, which was used as a KG school before COVID-19. It has a small conference room and three classrooms. It is presently serviceable, There is a sufficient supply of both electricity and water. The size of the land is 33 decimals, which is approximately 14374.8 square feet, and it has scope to expand (purchase) additional land next to our property as its surrounding inventory is still vacant.

We are now soliciting funds to construct a structure that is five stories high with a 200-seat multi-purpose shade, as well as many renovations to the already-existing building and the construction of boundary walls.

We need USD 20K to build the boundary wall, land renovation, and room repairs.

We need your assistance connecting us with churches, trusts, or individuals who will stand with us by donating to make this vision come true; we would appreciate your assistance.