Our story

The past and the future...

The Past 

     … How the  Ministry Began?

Bijoy Ministries began in 2003 when Francis and Nayomi found children scavenging for food at the dumpster area outside their house. They began feeding and ministering to them at their rented garage, which grew into Bijoy Ministries. We have been sharing Jesus and thousands of lives have been touched through various activities. The heart of the ministry is to lead children and teenagers to an intimate relationship with Heavenly Father and reflect him to others. We also teach and train church leaders with life-changing resources for making and teaching disciples to transform today’s generations obediently in their respective areas.

Now, increased our ministry to children, after-school activities for teenagers, weekly service for students, daily tutorial and education scholarship support, prayer meetings, couple seminars, and Bible study, and hygiene and emergency food supplies to the local un-churched community. From the very beginning, we have been doing all our activities in several rented venues in Dhaka. As Dhaka is one of the densest cities in the world where what we have is not traffic jams, it is total traffic chaos and mismanagement. As the population grows, so does the cost of rent and other services, which is rapidly reaching beyond our reach.

As our ministry grows, our capacity and needs have grown. Our mission statement captures the heart of what we have been all about from the beginning.

“To REACH MARGINALIZED CHILDREN AND TEENAGERS, camping, after-school activities, outreaches, and other ‘church-fit’ approaches are used. PROVIDE TOOLS (materials, ideas, and curriculum) appropriate for their context and culture to reach and teach disciples.
Parents and others involved in it provide PRACTICAL TRAINING with life-changing materials.”

Imagine with us . . . a permanent home for Bijoy,
a generous space at the center of this COMMUNITY.
Where marginalized families can GATHER to enhance. Where marriages will be RENEWED,
Where parents and hurting will find grace and HOPE,
Leaders will be EQUIPPED with the right tools… and Where life-long authentic MEMORIES will begin.
Where the GOSPEL will be lived-out in LOVE,         and so on…

The Future 

          …Center Plans

We are looking for a suitable property outside but close to Dhaka. That property will be utilized for community space, a medium size of an outdoor gathering area for special events, a children’s play area, a tool-making garage for Sunday schools, a multipurpose hall for worship, ministry, and discipleship training, after-school programs, teachers’ training, etc.

We are praying for a miracle to make it happen.


The future home 

       … why building and why NOW?

We would gather at a nearby school for our main services where more than five hundred children and teenagers meet. That was a temporary meeting space with a partially guaranteed to be available to us a week to week. We could not use the facility for more than two years during the COVID-19 crisis and had no where to meet in person. Sadly, we have lost the connection with most of those children and teens. Till now we are struggling to use that facility due to a change in their rent policy. Now we are running small groups with a limited number of teenagers as well as looking for a place to resume our main service. Hope to find another place to rent but we are ready to have a permanent home of our own.

Our main daily ministry activities are currently held in a modest 70 m2 leased flat at Mirpur. As we are facing different obstacles and challenges while we organize any activities for a group of people/children from the neighboring communities and there is no space for outdoor activities.

There are currently no other space flats in Mirpur to rent/lease for our size or needs without pressure from the neighboring community. We are growing. We are doing impactful, ministries in many ways now. Our training ministry, curriculum development, after-school, discipleship classes, children and teen camping, and other growing ministries need space, some of them need throughout the week.

We want to continue to minister faithfully and expand our ministries to this community and around the country. A building of our own will provide multiple, daily opportunities to host and provide quality needed ministries.

We want to be better stewards of our resources. Paying rent monthly where we have no equity is not wise. Paying for a building we own and can use 24/7 is both needed and wise.

In God’s mercy and in His perfect timing, today the price to buy a piece of land near Dhaka and to complete the five stored buildings alone with a multi-purpose shade/building with 200 seats is still a convenient price. We feel that to be the very best stewards of God’s resources, and the present time and conditions – all these circumstances lead us to believe the time is NOW to proceed with the land and building of our permanent home…