Aji Sedin
Bring the Gospel to the whole community by reaching
the unreached Children in Love.

Reaching Marginalized with the Love of Christ

Through numerous outreach programs in various parts of Bangladesh, the Christmas season is an excellent opportunity to share the Gospel with kids and teenagers. Since 2003, we have held several Christmas rallies. It all started when Francis and Nayomi noticed the kids scavenging in the dumpster area near their houses for food. Thousands of kids have attended rallies over the several years all over the country. Attending our weekly services will allow those who have been touched by our outreach to stay in touch throughout the year.

This is the verse that inspired Francis and Nayomi to reach the unreached…

“Every sheep of Kedar* will come to you; rams from Nebaioth will be yours as well. I will accept them as offerings and bring honor to my temple.” (Isa 60:7)

* Note: Kedar and Nebaioth are the sons of Ishmael.   

We hope to reach 600 children and their families this year in four locations. We ask God to prepare their hearts to accept Jesus as their Savior for the first time. We sincerely appreciate your prayers during this severe spiritual battle. If we work together, we can share the gospel’s message of hope with today’s generation

We need your prayer and financial support to continue to reach and impact the children this Christmas!

Just a USD 3.5 (350 taka) gift will allow a child to attend this Gospel event!
How many will you be able to reach?


your gift can change a child's life !


We take each of your donations seriously. Thanks for being with us on this journey.

I heard the truth would set me free when I arrived here. I then began looking for that truth. I’m confident today that the truth has set me totally free. I belong to God’s family.